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NEW RELEASE: Introducing the Blue Dot

Welcome to the inaugural release from Diatom Watches, the Blue Dot – a testament to our passion for space, crafted with precision.

Space watch


At Diatom Watches, our journey began at the intersection between precision timekeeping and a cutting-edge discovery in space research. In 2015, Dr. Alex and Dr. Chris analysed particles sampled from space, unexpectedly finding Diatoms.

Blue Dot watch

This discovery, challenging the conventionally accepted understanding of the physics of particle ballistics, suggested the extraordinary possibility of life's extra-terrestrial origins. It catapulted the duo into the forefront of near-space research and laid the foundation for Diatom Watches in 2023. Diatom is more than a watchmaker; we aim to create timepieces that are narratives, fostering a community that values the exceptional and the rare.


Pale blue dot - the Earth from Saturn

Inspired by Carl Sagan's poetic description of Earth as a "pale blue dot" in the vast expanse of space, our Blue Dot watch is designed to encapsulate this awe-inspiring concept. It features a prominent metallic ring, a nod to the sun's vital influence within our solar system, while an additional delicately crafted curve symbolizes the Earths horizon. Utilising Diatoms established relationships within the space sector, the watch incorporates lunar-flown metal originated from genuine NASA missions, in a form symbolizing the moon's orbit. Completing this celestial narrative is a triangle of inlaid Gibeon meteorite - a subtle homage to space craft and exploration of the cosmos.



Creating the Blue Dot goes beyond typical watch assembly; it's a meticulous process where artistry meets scientific innovation. Let's take a glimpse into the body and soul of the Blue Dot:


  • Lunar Metal Integration: Integrating lunar-flown metal is a delicate process. Each piece is carefully embedded to ensure it's not only aesthetically pleasing but also symbolically significant.

  • Meteorite Inlay: The Gibeon meteorite, known for its unique crystalline patterns, is intricately shaped and inlaid into the watch. This process requires a high level of precision and skill from our horologists.

  • Design Philosophy: Every aspect of the Blue Dot's design is intentional, from the metallic hues representing celestial bodies to the ergonomic fit that makes it stylish, yet comfortable for everyday wear.




While the Blue Dot marks our first foray into combining the art of watchmaking with the wonders of space, it's just the beginning of a broader journey. As we continue to explore the vast potential of cosmic-inspired design, the Blue Dot could be seen as the inaugural piece in an expanding universe of timepieces.


Imagine a collection where each watch embodies a different aspect of space exploration and astronomy — a series that captures the essence of various celestial phenomena, space missions, and the untold mysteries of the cosmos. The Blue Dot is your gateway into this expanding galaxy of design and innovation.


Stay tuned to Diatom Watches, to see where in the cosmos we visit next…


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