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The Meteorite Has Landed

Introducing the Full Meteorite Face Blue Dot Watch: Available Now

At Diatom Watches, we are thrilled to unveil the latest evolution of our Blue Dot collection: the Full Meteorite Face. This extraordinary timepiece not only showcases our commitment to blending exceptional craftsmanship with cosmic materials but also stands as a testament to our passion for the wonders of the universe.

Full Meteorite Face Blue Dot watch by Diatom

A Unique Celestial Experience

The defining feature of this watch is its stunning dial, crafted entirely from genuine Gibeon meteorite. Unlike any other material, the meteorite dial offers a breathtaking glimpse into the cosmos. Formed over billions of years, each meteorite piece exhibits intricate crystalline patterns, known as the Widmanstätten pattern, which are completely unique to each fragment. To elevate its visual allure, we have dyed the meteorite a deep, captivating blue, enhancing its natural beauty while maintaining its cosmic essence.

Full Meteorite Face Blue Dot watch by Diatom, containing Apollo 11 material

Craftsmanship Beyond Compare

The full meteorite face Blue Dot watch is not just about the dial. It retains the core elements that have made the Blue Dot a beloved piece among watch enthusiasts and collectors. Each watch features an embellishment containing material from the Apollo 11 Command Module, adding a touch of historical significance to its celestial design. This material symbolizes humanity's giant leap into space and our enduring quest for exploration and discovery.

Flown to Space: A Watch with a Journey

To make this watch even more extraordinary, each watch is flown into space as a complete timepiece. This ensures that every Blue Dot watch not only tells the story of the cosmos but also carries with it the experience of space travel. When you wear this watch, you're not just wearing a piece of history; you're wearing a piece of the universe, and a testament to human ingenuity and ambition.

Limited Edition: Exclusivity and Uniqueness

The full meteorite face Blue Dot watch is limited to only 300 pieces, ensuring its exclusivity and making it a true collector’s item. Each watch comes with an individually numbered, warranty card underscoring its rarity and the unique journey it has taken. This limited run ensures that owning one of these timepieces is an unparalleled privilege, a chance to possess a wearable piece of art that connects you to the vast expanse of space and the pinnacle of human achievement.

Get Your Own Blue Dot Watch

The Full Meteorite Face Blue Dot watch is now available for purchase. Don’t miss the opportunity to own this celestial masterpiece. Visit our product page to learn more

At Diatom Watches, we continue to push the boundaries of what a watch can represent. With the full meteorite face Blue Dot watch, you’re not just keeping time; you’re celebrating the timeless beauty of the universe and the remarkable milestones of human exploration.

Full Meteorite Face Blue Dot watch by Diatom


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